A more resilient transport infrastructure will minimise the impact of natural and human disruptive hazards on critical assets as bridges, tunnels, pavements, slopes or terminals. Every year, extreme weather events, landslides and earthquakes are dramatically impacting the safety of citizens and generating considerable economic loses for industry.


A stronger and more resilient multimodal transport system represents a key element for the European Union.

The FORESEE project is developing a toolkit to provide short and long term resilience schemes for rail and road corridors and logistics terminals that are able to reduce the magnitude and/or duration of disruptive events produced by humans or the nature.

The multidisciplinary team of experts working in the consortium will facilitate the use of methodologies and tools already existing in the market to study the risk and costs associated with the impact of extreme events. The research will also integrate satellite and terrestrial data in the analysis and assessment of hazards with their respective impact on passengers and freight terminals.

The innovative multimodal approach will deploy cutting-edge technologies able to deploy long-term asset management strategies. FORESEE will provide road authorities and managers with a solution to anticipate, absorb, adapt and rapidly recover from a potentially disruptive hazard during the entire lifecycle of the transport infrastructure: planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance.


FORESEE is a EU collaborative research project funded by Horizon 2020 which will develop a toolkit to improve road and rail asset management schemes for authorities and infrastructure operators with the following goals:

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Establish preventive maintenance and upgrading strategies able to improve resilience of transport infrastructures towards human (accidents) and natural hazards (extreme weather events, landslides and earthquakes)

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Predict and alert of potential risk scenarios at different time scales considering age, conditions and residual life of engineering components

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Reduce the social and economic impact on critical transport assets (bridges, tunnels, pavement, slopes, terminals) when those disruptive events happen

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Facilitate the deployment of mobility contingency protocols for citizens and freight in such critical situations to ensure safe and efficient evacuation including emergency operations and contingency plans

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Demonstrate positive costs and benefits balance associated to resilience investments during the full lifecycle of the infrastructure

The FORESEE toolkit aims at positioning  in the global market an innovative solution
Made in Europe able to tackle critical challenges faced by transport engineering assets.

Other R&I activities


GIS-based infrastructure management system for optimized response to extreme events on terrestrial transport networks


Resilient transport Infrastructure for seamless transport operation under extreme events, protecting users and providing optimal information both to operators and users


PANOPTIS concept will result in an environment that boosts planning (climate change/sustainability), engineering and operations (traffic, emergency management and security).

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