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FORESEE will produce final results in March 2022. The project is divided in 9 Work Packages which will produce specific Deliverables and Milestones during its entire lifetime.


Processes and methods to define metrics and targets of Level of Service, risk and resilience

This WP will focus mainly on defining metrics to measure the Level of Service and resilience and setting target values for those parameters.


Data acquisition, collection, integration and management system

This WP relies heavily on a hybrid integration of both (in situ) terrestrial and satellite sensing systems for the monitoring of key infrastructures located in natural risk prone areas.


Design and development of novel adaptation measures. New materials and systems

This WP will focus on the design, development and assessment of novel adaptation measures (in the form of new materials, techniques and systems) to mitigate climate change effects and human threats in transport infrastructures


Updated methodologies, practices and solutions

This WP will focus on updating methodologies, practices and solutions, implementing the achievements gained in the previous WPs, to feed the FORESEE Toolkit to be developed in WP5.


FORESEE Response, Mitigation and Adaptation Toolkit

The overall objective of this WP is to develop an integrated and modular platform (the FORESEE Response, Mitigation and Adaptation Toolkit), which will host, correlate, integrate and render interoperable the various tools developed in WP4.


Resilience scheme application

This WP will focus on defining operational resilience schemes, covering the whole life cycle of infrastructures and resilience phases, able to reduce the impact and consequences of extreme events.


Exploitation, communication and dissemination activities

This WP will ensure visibility to the project by developing all communication and dissemination activities related to results. In addition, an exploitation strategy will facilitate its market implementation.


Coordination and management

This WP concerns the overall management of the project, including the management of the Consortium and quality of all inputs during the full lifetime of FORESEE.

Stakeholders Reference Group

17 September 2019 – London, UK

Workshop “Road and Railway networks’ resilience strengthening through satellite monitoring”

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