Activation of the FORESEE standardization roadmap

Activation of the FORESEE standardization roadmap

Activation of the FORESEE standardization roadmap 1280 853 Foreseeproject

As part of the pre-standarisation roadmap, ETH Zurich has been invited to introduce FORESEE in several standardisation meetings at CEN and ISO levels since June.

The main interest of the European and International Technical Committees relies on how the project is developing guidelines to measure and set targets for the levels of service and resilience in transport infrastructures during extreme natural hazards.

To identify topics that could improve current standarisation framework, the consortium is being assisted by UNE that, together with the project partners and leaded by ERF, are matching the research to current framework. In this sense, FORESEE experts will further develop investigations on specific elements related to climate change adaptation, civil engineering works and its level of performance including preventive maintenance techniques and deployment of new materials.

Outputs of the FORESEE pre-standarisation route are key to facilitate future market deployment and uptake of the toolkit. As well, the six demonstrations will provide complementary data to prepare a successful output matching the most demanding technical standards.

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