Case Study and Tool Fact Sheets available now

Case Study and Tool Fact Sheets available now

Case Study and Tool Fact Sheets available now 150 150 Foreseeproject

The document includes strategic information from the 6 case studies describing objectives, hazards,
validation analysis, and outputs for infrastructure owners and operators.
Results Fact Sheets are divided in different sections with latest technical data:

  • Traffic Module Tool
  • Fragility Functions, Vulnerability Functions and Decision Support Interpreter Module Tool
  • Virtual Modelling Platform Tool
  • Alerting SAS platform Tool
  • Governance Module
  • Risk Mapping Tool
  • Bridge Flooding Model Tool
  • Command and Control Center
  • A Fully Stochastic Flooding Prediction Methodology
  • Hybrid Data Assessment For Diagnosis And Prognosis Tool
  • Cyber-attack assessment – Madrid Calle 30

In addition, contact details of the experts who contributed to the guidelines can be found in the document:


This document will be further explained during the workshop organised by the Stakeholders Reference Group on the 27 January 2022.

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