Team-up with RESIST, SAFEWAY and PANOPTIS projects

Team-up with RESIST, SAFEWAY and PANOPTIS projects

Team-up with RESIST, SAFEWAY and PANOPTIS projects 1280 900 foresee

The European Commission, through the Executive Agency INEA, is funding under H2020 four R&I collaborative projects (RESISTFORESEESAFEWAY and PANOPTIS) to increase the resilience of transport infrastructure under extreme natural and man-made events (severe weather conditions, flooding, human accidents, landslides, etc).

The objective is to ensure continuity of free movement of goods and people in those critical circumstances for the mobility. Researchers are focusing on developing new materials and technologies but also on optimising maintenance protocols that will help the transition of the sector towards climate change adaptation and sustainable development acceleration.

The coming workshop will animate discussions to share knowledge and successful experiences in the development of a solution for a more resilient, more seamless and safer European transport infrastructure with experts from the four projects and external stakeholders.

Transport managers, owners, operators, constructors, researchers, academia and other experts will discuss how the four projects can contribute to achieve such an ambitious objective.


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About the four projects:

  • Resiste Project (GA No 769066) – to increase the resilience of seamless transport operation to extreme events, protecting the users of the European transport infrastructure and providing optimal information to the operators and users of the transport infrastructure.
  • FORESEE project (GA No 769373) – to develop a toolkit to improve road and rail asset management schemes for authorities and infrastructure operators.
  • SAFEWAY project (GA No 769255) – to design, validate and implement holistic methods, strategies, tools and technical interventions to significantly increase the resilience of inland transport infrastructure by reducing their vulnerability to failure in extreme events.
  • PANOPTIS project (GA No 769129) – to improve the resiliency (ability to adapt) of the road infrastructures and ensuring reliable network availability under unfavourable conditions, such as extreme weather, landslides, and earthquakes.





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This project has received funding from the
European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 769373”

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